Video Coverage & Online Streaming

Due to the restrictions imposed by Covid-19 pandemic, there was a heightened demand for online video streaming among our regular clients; whether it was for an international seminar, which was canceled and decided to be reconvened as an online webinar over Zoom, or just a simple internal briefing session for Teleworking employees of a major tech company.

In order to keep our promise to our clients for a one hundred percent satisfactory services, we added the full set of streaming equipment from Blackmagic Design and developed the necessary skill-set in Dgarstudio. Looking back at this process, we always wonder if we over-did it with the skill development part. As of these past months, we are may be one of the best contractors there is to be hired for video-switch and streaming projects in Iran; and to consider that we thought it was just a temporary measure to help our clients getting through the calamity of Covid-19.

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