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The low-frequency electronic radiofrequency (LF) ejection device vibrates water molecules between 1,500 and 120,000 times per second. As water passes through the field, variable energy changes in the crystalline and regular structure of calcium and magnesium, and “calcite” becomes “aragonite.” Aragonite is a type of calcium carbonate that remains suspended in solution and does not adhere to the surface of pipes and tanks.
The scientific and technical level of this technology has been evaluated by the Research Center, Technology Development and New Industries as a new HIGH_ TECH technology and in 2009 it has succeeded in obtaining technical approval from the Building and Housing Research Center. Iranian scientific and industrial research has received a certificate of technological capability.
Also, in 2012 and 2013, two research projects were concluded with the Research and Technology Center of the National Iranian Gas Company and implemented under the supervision of scientific and industrial research organizations of Iran. In Tehran and the second study in fifty buildings across the country, the results of these studies have confirmed the effective performance of the company’s equipment in desalination of facilities.
The company was also selected in 2013 by the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Affairs as the top knowledge-based cooperative company in Tehran province. In 2014, the second invention and innovation of the company in the field of upgrading the wave transmission system to increase the sedimentation process was approved by the Scientific and Industrial Research Organization of Iran.
Scientific activities, holding several scientific and specialized seminars, attending several specialized exhibitions of oil, electricity, facilities and obtaining several honorary plaques, membership in the specialized association, achievements of seven years of hard work and strong belief of the members of this cooperative on the importance of knowledge and research as unique It is a method of success and promotion of the country’s industry.
The pilot project of optimizing and increasing the efficiency of the engine room of residential and non-residential buildings was installed in 200 government, public and residential buildings with the support of the Vice President for Science and Technology. The results showed a decrease in energy consumption due to desalination of facilities.
Promoting and developing this technology can reduce the country’s energy consumption in the construction and industry sectors and increase production efficiency, as well as reduce the depreciation rate of industries and the level of pollution and improve the country’s environmental indicators.
In 2016, the first exploitation license of modern industries in the country in the field of production of 90,000 units of various types of electronic sedimentation was issued for Behrshad Electronic Engineering Cooperative Company.