Ceci Nest Pas Une Chapeau

A Documentary About "Hats" by Behjoo Khazaee

This is a private project by  Behjoo Khazaee with Dgar Studio cooperation. The movie is simply about hats in general,
What is a hat for us?, What does it do?, What it used to do? and etc
The movie is due for screening in 2021, hopefully. It is a interview and research based movie with the presence of people  using hats
or knows a lot about it’s history and story.

Behjoo Khazaei

He is a valuable member of Dgar studio and in fact he is one of the co-founders. Studying Cinema at Tehran university of arts he is now a PHD of Art Research. Most of his professional life dedicated to teaching animation and  research from the link below you can watch his movies. All you have to do is say friend and enter.